Battle Zone: EARTH

Battle Zone: EARTH 1.0

Target paractice - against aliens!

Battle Zone: Earth is a simple and quite fun action style game. Just go out and defend your city from the alien ships - shoot at them and get more and more points. Be careful not to hit the Earth ships - they are on your side and if you destroy one of them you'll receive negative penalty points. It will be good to shoot at the asteroids as well for they may give you a bonus. So - what are you waiting for - go out and show them all what you can do...

'Battle Zone: Earth' features include:

• Amazing graphic design
• Wonderful sound
• Built in High Score table
• Detailed statistics about the last game played
• 3 minutes playing - for the full version

A good game for when you've got a spare minute.

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Battle Zone: EARTH


Battle Zone: EARTH 1.0

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